Monday, 21 November 2011

Hundreds of Wall Street's critics arrested

Protest against bank power and poverty in New York

Anti-Wall Street in New York, protesters have paralyzed the famous
Brooklyn Bridge for hours. This led to several clashes with the police
who finally arrested about 700 protesters by its own account. The
multi-lane suspension bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn was
blocked for hours. Only in the evening (local time) rolled back the

Cause of action was a demonstration of "Occupy Wall Street" movement
("Busy Wall Street") against foreclosures, high unemployment and the
billion cash injections for banks during the financial crisis.
Approximately 1,500 people participated. Most of those arrested were
set free again, after they received subpoenas. You must now reckon
with a minimum penalties for disturbing the peace.

A selective action of the police?
The police arrested about 700 people according to their own specifications.
Demonstrators, the foot of the famous bridge over the East River would
be used, remained undisturbed. "Those who have taken the road towards
Brooklyn and have blocked the traffic, were arrested," said a police
spokesman for the "New York Times". Protesters threw the other hand,
from the police to have them lured into a trap. "The police looked on
and did nothing, but it looked like when they served us on the road,"
said Jesse Myerson, a spokesman for "Occupy Wall Street." Only when
there were already hundreds of protesters on the bridge, they were
surrounded by police officers and was arrested.
Protests against Wall Street - about 700 police officers arrest protesters

Further protests are to follow

The protesters have pitched in a park near the former World Trade
Center, a camp where some want to hold out for the whole winter. You
want to protest their actions according to their own statements to the
effect of the financial and economic crisis and the growing gap
between rich and poor in the U.S..

Their anger is directed towards the sometimes brutal actions of the
police in the U.S. metropolis, after about a week before a police
officer had used pepper spray against four protesters who were already
in police custody.

Under the slogan "Occupy Wall Street" protest against the New York
among other greedy companies and social imbalance.
Demonstrations in other cities

The protest movement organized over the Internet is also active in
other cities. In Boston, protesters on Friday gathered in front of
offices of Bank of America. Their protest was directed against, among
others of real estate foreclosures. According to the organizers,
around 3,000 people participated in the demonstrations, the police did
not give an estimate.

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