Monday, 21 November 2011

Bloomberg criticizes Occupy Wall Street protests

The anti-Wall Street protesters want to destroy jobs and keep away
tourists. At least, says New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has accused the anti-Wall Street
movement, want to destroy jobs in the city. If financial jobs from New
York to disappear admit there is no money left to pay the city
employees to clean the parks or to perform other tasks, Bloomberg said
on Friday in his weekly radio program.

The financial center of Wall Street is a mainstay of the New York
economy and represents 13 percent of tax revenues. Moreover, the
protests were bad for tourism, said Bloomberg. He admitted, however,
that among the protesters give some who have legitimate complaints.

The movement was formed in mid-September and has since gathered
regularly in New York in demonstrations under the slogan "Occupy Wall
Street." She denounces the continuing high unemployment and unequal
distribution of wealth. The protests have so far been largely
peaceful, but sometimes there were clashes with police. President
Barack Obama on Friday had expressed understanding for the concerns of
the demonstrators.

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